OPTIFAST Meal Replacement

One component of Personal Primary Care's weight loss program is the OPTIFAST program consisting of a meal replacement plan. The program's goal is to help you progress toward better health and emotional well-being. OPTIFAST is a 26 week program that utilizes a full meal replacement plan that transitions to self-prepared everyday meals.

How the OPTIFAST program works:

  • Meal replacement diet: By narrowing your food choices and controlling the amount and types of food you eat, you can work toward weight loss and weight management.
  • Medical supervision: Working with a physician can help you lose weight safely.
  • Lifestyle education: Through nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle changes, you can achieve and sustain better health.
  • Counseling: Individual and group counseling by experts who understand your challenges.
  • Ongoing personalized support: To help you achieve and maintain success, this support is included both during and after weight loss.

OPTIFAST meal replacements allow you to benefit from pre-portioned and calorie-controlled servings, quick preparation, high-quality nutrition, and freedom from having to make food choices. It is a medical weight loss program that monitors your progress towards better health.

The OPTIFAST meal replacement products for weight loss include:

  • Ready to drink shakes
  • Bars available in different flavors
  • Nutritionally complete soup mixes

Personal Primary Care will work with you to implement OPTIFAST meal replacements into your weight loss program or diet plan to help you lose weight and stay healthy. There are many components that will go into creating a weight loss or fat loss program for you, and using OPTIFAST will help you work toward a healthy weight and healthy lifestyle.

Personal Primary Care works with patients in Western MA, including Springfield MA, Holyoke MA, and Chicopee MA, and Northern CT looking to change their lifestyle by starting a weight loss or fat loss program to lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

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