Boston Heart Diagnostics

Personal Primary Care utilizes Boston Heart Diagnostics to create a specific lifestyle management program for you. The advanced laboratory testing creates reports for each patient with a personally tailored lifestyle package. This has the power to change the way clinicians and patients communicate about disease and improve heart health.

Founded by renowned cardiovascular researchers and led by seasoned lab and diagnostic executives, Boston Heart looks beyond the "good" and "bad" cholesterol assessment that conventional labs provide to give a more complete picture of heart health.

Keeping your heart healthy matters, and through the personalized nutrition and life plans, you can make necessary changes in your lifestyle. Boston Heart Diagnostics will use your blood tests, health history, and likes and dislikes to make a plan as unique as you are. No two people are the same, so lifestyle plans shouldn't be, either!

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If you're looking to make a change in your lifestyle, Personal Primary Care can recommend a lifestyle plan and provide you with guidance to getting tools and making changes that may help you in decreasing the risk of chronic disease.

Personal Primary Care works with patients in Western MA, including Springfield MA, Longmeadow MA, and Chicopee MA, and Northern CT looking to change their lifestyle or lose weight in a healthy and effective way.

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