Understand Your Weight Loss Struggles with Body Composition Analysis

Weight loss is a common concern. An estimated 56% of women are not happy with the way they look, especially when it comes to their weight. The amount of men unhappy with their appearance is also reaching new highs. Surprisingly, those who reported feeling unhappy with their weight actually weighed more. If you’re one of the millions who want to lose weight but have never been successful, maybe it’s time to try a different approach. 

Drs. Talal Khan and Nidah Khan at Personal Primary Care and Weight Management specialize in weight loss. They get to the bottom of your weight-loss problems and guide you toward your goal weight by using a medical body composition analyzer. Here’s how an analysis of your body composition can help you shed those stubborn pounds.

What is a body composition analyzer?

Body composition analyzers take a deep-dive into what your body is made of. With just a quick step on our Medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA) scale, you receive an easy-to-read analysis of what makes up your body. It can tell you how much fat, mineral content, water, and muscle you have in your body. The key measurement that comes from your analysis is your body fat percentage, which can tell us a lot about any health risks and how you’ll best lose weight. 

Why should I care about body fat percentage?

Your goal is to lose weight, and we want to help you do that. However, it is more important to focus on getting fit and healthy than changing the number on the scale. The best way to be a healthy person is to reduce your body fat percentage. High levels of fat have been linked to serious medical problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. Even people who look skinny or have a normal BMI reading can be at risk for these health problems. 

This is why we aim to create a plan that makes you healthy while giving you the weight-loss results you want. We take into account your entire body composition and attack the underlying cause of your weight and health problems.

Why is an mBCA helpful for weight loss?

You’ve most likely stepped on a scale or calculated your BMI, but neither of those two things alone give you any feedback on how best to lose weight and get healthy. A typical scale shows you your weight, which is actually just a reading of gravity's force on you and nothing about your weight’s effect on your health. 

BMI readings have long been a staple in determining how to go about weight loss, but what does it really tell you? Your BMI reading tells you how heavy you are compared to a standard. While it can be an indicator of potential health risks, it should not be the only data you rely on for healthy weight loss. 

For example, two people — one is a sumo wrestler and the other is a muscular body-builder — who both weigh 250 pounds and are six-feet tall will have a BMI of 33.9. That reading means they both have the same obesity risk even though their body fat percentages are much different. 

With a body composition analysis, the sumo wrestler finds he has 31% body fat and the body builder only has 10% body fat. Both now have a better idea of how weight loss will affect them and their overall health. Instead of using BMI to drive your weight-loss plan, we use it as another piece of data to create a program that’s right for you. 

Using only the number on your scale and your BMI reading is not sufficient to lose weight and lose it efficiently. No two people are the same, which means no two weight-loss journeys are the same. Body composition analysis separates you from everyone else so we can customize your weight-loss plan, with:

Stop being frustrated with your inability to lose weight and get healthy. Your body has all the answers to your weight-loss goals, let us help you find them with our body composition analysis. When you’re ready to start your personalized, focused, and effective weight-loss journey, call our office or schedule an appointment online. 

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