Dr. Talal Khan, MD

Dr. Talal Khan, MD

Dr. Talal Khan, MD is board certified in internal medicine and obesity medicine. He completed his residency at SUNY in Brooklyn New York. He fell in love with primary care after practicing medicine in rural Maine for 5 years where he was one of the few physicians in a medically underserved area and provided broad range of services from management of life threatening illness like heart block, asthma attacks to taking fish hooks out of young children. It is there that he felt a part of a true medical home and felt a part of his patient’s lives who came from all walks of lives from lobster fishermen to retired Harvard professors.

He has been practicing medicine in western Massachusetts for almost ten years and it is in the foothills of the Berkshires that he fell in love with lifestyle management and healthy living to prevent and manage chronic disease. He has medical staff privileges at both Baystate medical center and Mercy medical center and prides himself at being a primary care doctor.

He is passionate about primary care and lifestyle management and sees it as a cost effective way to bend the ever rising cost curve. He is an outdoor enthusiast and loves to spend time in the great outdoors. He lives locally with his physician wife and three children.

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